Our Services

Services BMC is an essential link in the health care supply chain, providing pharmaceuticals and medical products to more than 10,000 locations each day. From state-of-the-art health-care facilities to corner drugstores, BMC delivers the medical products and pharmaceuticals that keep your operation running smoothly and afford-ably. We specialize in:

  • Supply Chain Management

    BMC is committed to delivering inventive, cutting-edge solutions to every aspect of the supply chain. Our mission is to reduce the cost of providing care. We help you make better spend and distribution decisions across your entire network.

  • Cold Chain

    cold chain vehiclecold chain vehicle

    As part of a BMC commitment to uncompromising supply chain integrity, BMC has changed that way it is shipping and accepting returns of refrigerated product. The goal of this change is patient safety. Working together with our customers we can ensure that the refrigerated pharmaceuticals you receive have been maintained within the labeled storage temperature ranges during transportation, to include any returns to BMC that may be shipped to your pharmacy in the future.

  • Physician Practices

    BMC provides a full range of services to specialty medical practices. Our medical knowledge and broad focus makes BMC an asset to physicians, clinics, surgery centers, alternate care providers and other health-care professionals.

  • Retail Pharmacy

    BMC has cultivated long-standing relationships with independent and small chain pharmacies. Our expertise in pharmaceutical wholesaling and distribution creates a dynamic service portfolio and competitive market values.

  • Specialty Pharmacy Services

    BMC offers specialty pharmacy dispensing services. By partnering with specialty drug manufactures and group purchasing organizations, BMC provides specialty drug products to various medical practices.

  • Government Markets

    BMC is a major medical provider to the government market. We offer extensive experience in government contracting and contract fulfillment. We offer our service to a wide array of government account types at the federal, state and local levels.

  • Patient Services

    Patients have always been the key beneficiaries at BMC. Our support and delivery systems would ensure patients' comfort besides our easily accessible locations. We maintain computerized database of all the patients so that the data could be retrieved anytime during the routine supplies and at the time of emergency too. We deliver medicine to the doorstep in all possibilities when approached.